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You know how, while fun, Victorian books can be a little slow at times? Here you can read your favourite books, condensed to about four lines. Some are a little awkward, but some are really great, too. My favourite is from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad:

Mr. Marlow

I’m the good side of mankind, upstanding and respectable.

Mr. Kurtz

I’m the bad side of mankind, once honorable, now mired in depravity.

The Jungle

I’m the heart of mankind, home to sinister darkness and corruption.

(Mr. Kurtz dies. Mr. Marlow is reborn.)


The actual Heart of Darkness is quite a magnificent story, a bit gothic and spooky, and very symbolic. It deals with empirism, and the corrupting power of society, the nineteenth-century trade with Africa, and colonialism. You can read it online here!


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